Our processing time on average is 1-2 business days and shipping time can average to 4-10 business days depending upon your location and impact of COVID19 to your area. Due to COVID19 our processing and shipping time is slightly longer to guarantee the safety of our clientele is met. 






Due to the nature of the items we do not offer returns or exchanges. But we do ask that if you have any concerns or questions about any of our ingredients or products to email us at skinbydevco@gmail.com before purchasing to guarantee your satisfaction with our products.

We are not responsible for melting, settling or leaking of our products due to weather or in transit. We are responsible for your new purchase until it reaches the postal service, and after that it is out of our control. We do all that we can to ensure that your products arrive to you as we packaged them. 

Skin by Dev does not issue refunds for packages that are lost or stolen

No returns or refunds are permitted for online orders. If you receive the wrong item, please email us at Skinbydevco@gmail.com.  Include a photo of the wrong item UNOPENED we will then send you a shipping label to have the item(s) returned to us and the correct item will be sent within 3-5 business days.   

Damaged Products: For items that arrive damaged, please send an email to

Skinbydevco@gmail.com with the following information: your name, order number, and images of the damaged item. Replacements are sent out immediately based on our discretion

For any further questions please email us at skinbydevco@gmail.com



  • We recommend if you have any allergies to nuts to double check the ingredients to ensure that there is nothing that will irritate or inflame your skin. 
  • Most of our products work well on all skin types but we always suggest that you always do a patch test with products that contain chemical or mechanical exfoliants, fruit enzymes or acids to reduce the risk of bad reactions. Instructions on how to do a patch test is listed below.


The following are easy steps on how to perform a patch test:

  1. Use the inside of your wrist as a starting point. It's thinner than the rest of your body skin.
  2. The side of the neck is another good option to check for compatibility.
  3. Apply a small amount of the product to one of these areas.
  4. Cover the area with a bandage.
  5. If a reaction, such as slight pink appears but subsides within 10-15 minutes, don't worry about it. Certain ingredients such as AHA's or other ingredients may give a temporary reaction

 Skin by Dev is not legally responsible or reliable for any reactions caused by any Skin by Dev products. 

All products have been tested by a dermatologist and all products have been manufactured in a sterilized lab. All products are cruelty free and have not been tested on any animals.