More About Us

More About Skin By Dev

Our Story

I launched Skin by Dev in 2021 in memory of my mother Leslie Ann Best who passed away in 2018 due to cancer. Some values that my mother passed onto me that I have instilled into my business are self-love, confidence, and self-care being a number one priority.


What’s Our Purpose?

We at Skin by Dev believe in skincare that feels like self-care. We have paired science with all natural ingredients to make products that your skin will thank you for. We believe that you deserve more than just unhealthy, overpriced skincare products in a nice bottle. You deserve love. Your skin deserves love. And your skin will love it here!


Why Shop Vegan + Organic Skincare?

We are vegan, all natural and cruelty free because we truly want to make a healthy change not only for ourselves but for our environment and our animals.

You also deserve to look and FEEL the difference. We are a luxury skincare brand made for sensitive skin. Replacing harsh chemicals and ingredients with all natural and organic ingredients reduces the chance of flare ups and irritation.



Thank you for shopping with us.